For chronic migraineurs
  and those who care

 about someone who is...



Waking up, feeling great and ready to face the day

Making plans without nagging doubts and worries

Double-checking for your keys or sunglasses rather than triple-checking for your emergency medication dose

Just feeling good for no apparent reason. Imagine that!

IMAGINE Migraine The Free Life:
Doable steps to get free from migraines – Finally.

I have returned to my career-long clinical interest in chronic migraines with a powerful new approach because I, along with 4,000 other chronic migraineurs, can for the first time consistently say “I feel great” when someone asks. And, after my own entire adulthood as a migraineur, I want to share this medication-free possibility with you.

The goal is for you to reclaim all those days lost to migraine pain and migraine treatment. And to walk with a spring in your step and bring enthusiasm and creativity 

back into every aspect of your daily life! This program, based on the concept of ‘The Migraine Brain’ can make the difference in getting lasting relief. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with our migraine brains that proper care and feeding can’t fix. Our brains are not broken. They are merely screaming for the correct care and feeding, something you can do from the comfort of your own home or workplace.


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To become confident that you can stop a headache before it ruins your carefully laid plans.

 To travel without the worry of having to stockpile medications and without unplanned trips to the pharmacy.

 Be fully available for your family, your friends, your coworkers and yourself— always, not just once in a while.

 Teventually become prescription free.

I am Bart Wendell, PhD, a licensed psychologist, an executive coach and facilitator to senior leaders in business, education, non-profits and the public sector and their families. I am a consultant to area public schools as well as a performance coach to elite athletes and I have a long-standing interest in behavioral approach to medical issues.

A partial list of organizational clients have included NPR, CPB and PBS, The US Air Force Academy, Fidelity Investments, WestRock, The International Monetary Fund and The Financial Planning Coalition as well as Mass General Hospital and Montifiore Hospital (NYC).  I am a graduate of Wesleyan (CT) and Duke Universities and serve as elected Town Moderator in my town.  I know that chronic migraine suffering exists everywhere.

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